The Phenom X series Clearview glass backboard eliminates the backboard frame out of the shooting square, giving it the arena/gym like look. The X660 has the right blend of size, player features and price, makes it one of our most popular goals. No additional accessories to purchase, it comes ready to play with backboard edge, pole & gusset padding. Adjustable range down to 7.5”, were younger players can work on proper shooting technique with lower rim height.

Phenom Series X660: $1,899.00
Pole & Gusset Padding ($129 Value): FREE
Backboard Edge Padding ($129 Value): FREE
Elec. Zinc Rust Protection($99 Value): FREE
Pro XL Stainless Steel Hdwr ($100 Value): FREE
Configured Price: $1,899.00
Instant Discount $500.00

Total Price:


 Precise Rim Height Adjustment
The rim height indicator is set after concrete to ensure accurate rim height measurements.
11 guage Steel Pole
The 11 gauge one-piece steel pole delivers maximum stability for gym quality rebounds.  
Dual Spring Heavy-Duty
Break Away Flex Rim
w/ProTube™ Net Connector
Superior Backboard Design
3/8" Thick Tempered Glass Clear View backboard delivers a true gym quality bounce.
Protective Padding
Free 1" Backboard Edge Padding
Free 1.25" Pole and Gusset Padding
Superior Gusset Design
The pole is secured to the base plate with 4 gussets adding stability and reducing sway.
XL Stainless Steel Hardware
Hardware is upgraded FREE to XL Stainless Steel hardware ensuring maximum protection.
Superior Rust Protection
Electroplated Zinc protective undercoat.
Premium Black Powder Coat finishing coat.
J-Bolt Anchor System
The Pole is anchored to concrete pier with 4 J-Bolts. You can take your goal if you move.
Direct Rim Attachment
Shatter Protected backboard by attaching the rim directly to the lower arm.
Regular Actuator
Regular actuator with gear box.
Removable Crank Handle.
Extension Arms
Allows for larger overhang distance to keeping players from stepping off the playing surface.


Pole Size 6” x 6” with 11 gauge (1/8") steel thickness
Pole / Gusset Padding Free 1.25" Thick Pole and Gusset Padding ($129 Value)
Flanged Base  11" Wide x 11" Long Base with 9" between Anchor Holes (Center to Center)
Flanged Base Holes Slotted for minor adjustments
Gussets 4 Welded Gussets (2 Front and 2 Rear)
Backboard Size 60” x 38” x 3/8"
Backboard Glass Tempered Glass
Backboard Steel Frame 2" x 1" on top and 2 sides; 2" x 2" on bottom steel perimeter frame concealed behind backboard
Backboard Aluminum Trim 2-3/4" x 1" aluminum frame provides  unmatched esthetics and protects glass from damage
Rim Mounting Type Direct Rim Mounting directly to the goals lower arm with no risk of damaging glass
Backboard Padding 1” thick edge padding pre-installed on backboard
Extension Arms
Overhang 2.5' from front of pole to front of backboard
Main Extension Arm 4" x 2" x 14 gauge (5/64") steel thickness. Two cross members.
Upper Extension Arms 2" x 1" x 14 gauge (5/64") steel thickness.
Adjustable Height
Adjustable 7.5' to 10'
Crank Handle Height 4'
Crank Handle Type Removable 90° Crank Handle
FX Lift Assist Cylinders Not Available on this model
Type Dual Spring Heavy Duty Break Away Flex Rim
Net Connection Pro Tube™ Net Connector
Rim Mounting Type Direct Rim Mounting directly to the goals lower arm with no risk of damaging glass
Rust Guard
Hardware Protection XL Stainless Steel Hardware
Frame Protection Undercoat Electroplated Zinc
Finish Coating Premium Black Powder Coat
Moveable to new location Yes, Just need a new J-Bolt Kit
J-Bolt Quantity 4
J-Bolt Size 3/4" diameter 19" Long
Shipping Service Standard Curbside Delivery
System Weight 352 lbs.
Shipping Weight 407 lbs.
Packaging 3 boxes on 2 pallets
Warranty Type Lifetime Warranty
Dunking & Hanging Warranty covers dunking & hanging


BACKBOARD SIZE 60” x 38" 60” x 38" 60” x 36"
GLASS THICKNESS 1/2" Tempered Glass 3/8" Tempered Glass 8mm Tempered Glass
BACKBOARD TYPE Pro Clear/Arena View Pro Clear/Arena View Standard H Frame
BACKBOARD PADDING 1" Thick 1" Thick 1" Thick
POLE SIZE 6" x 6" 6" x 6" 5" x 5"
POLE THICKNESS 7 Gauge 11 Gauge 12 Gauge
POLE PADDING   2" Thick  1-1/4" Thick  No Pole Pad
GUSSET PAD 2" Thick 1-1/4" Thick No Gusset Pad
OVERHANG 3' 2.5' 2.5'
ADJUSTABLE 5' to 10' 7.5' to 10'  8' to 10'
RIM Dual Spring Heavy Duty Break Away Flex Rim w/Pro Tube™ Net Connector Dual Spring Heavy Duty Break Away Flex Rim w/Pro Tube™ Net Connector Medium Duty Flex
RUST PROTECTION Hot Dip Galvanized Electroplated Zinc
HARDWARE XXL Stainless Steel XL Stainless Steel Quality Zinc Plated
FINISH COATING  Premium Powder Coat Paint  Premium Powder Coat Paint  Black Orange Peel Powder Coat Paint
WEIGHT  495 lbs 352 lbs 263 lbs
WARRANTY Lifetime  Lifetime  5 Year


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Arena View/Clear View Backboard Design
• Our Clear View Backboard is designed to eliminate the metal backboard frame distractions in the shooting square area. The gym-like rebounding play of the backboard comes from our square-tube steel frame that is welded together creating a rigid surface for the tempered glass.

3/8" Tempered Glass
• Ryval glass backboards will not fog, cloud or scratch, which are characteristics of acrylic backboards. Structurally, the 3/8” tempered glass performs similar to gym style backboards in rebounding & game play.

60" Backboard Size
• Ryval 60” backboards outperform box store brands and are popular with homes that have one and two & three car driveways. Very popular with moderate size courts.

16’ of Steel Backboard Frame
• The X660 frame is constructed with 16 feet of powder coated 2” x 2” and 2” x 1” square tube steel to support the tempered glass backboard & flex rim.

Gym-Quality Ball Deflection & Rebounding
• Excellent rebound response for competitive play performance.

2.75" Die Cast Aluminum Frame
• The 2.75” aluminum frame protects glass edge and adds gym-like styling.

1" Thick Backboard Edge Padding
• ALL Ryval backboards come equipped ready to play with factory pre-installed safety backboard edge padding. The pre-installed padding also is added protection for the glass backboard during shipping.


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Thick 11 Gauge Steel
• The Phenom Series pole is 11-gauge (1/8”) and rust protected with zinc coating, then powder coated to support years of competitive play.

XL Stainless Steel Hardware
• Exceptional resistance to corrosion, higher tensile strength than standard zinc coated hardware & aesthetically appealing. Ryval Hoops Exclusive Stainless Steel nylon locking nuts insure your goal hardware does not loosen with play over time.

One-Piece Heavy-Gauge Steel Pole
• Ryval only offers one-piece pole designs, lessens shake, sway & minimizing vibration.

4 Welded Support Gussets
• The Phenom Series 11-gauge pole is welded to base plate with 4 husky gussets adding substantial stability. Gussets help to minimize vibration, pole shake.

1/2 Inch Thick Base Plate
• The main pole is welded to a 1/2” steel base plate. The base plate is the anchor point between the “J” bolt pier base & main structural pole.

Adjustable Slotted Base Plate
• The slotted holes allow for minor adjustment that often is needed to square-up your pole with your driveway or court, after concrete has set.

1.25” thick Safety Pole Padding & Gusset Padding
• All weather custom fitted 1-1/4" thick high-density foam pole & gusset pad helps keeps players safe during aggressive competition. Secures with heavy-duty Velcro straps and is designed to cover the front and two sides of the main pole. Pyramid style Gusset pad extends to cover base plate gusset area & j-bolt hardware.


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Can I Take My Goal with Me if I Move?
• Ryval Hoop main pole base is fastened to 4 very large J-bolts that are in a concrete pier. You would only need to purchase a Ryval J-bolt ground anchor assembly kit for your new location. After some disassembly, you would un-bolt the goal from the J-bolts & move it to your new home.

Steel-Reinforced Ground Anchor Pier
• 4 pieces of 1/2” steel rebar is included to reinforce your concrete pier for a long-lasting solid base.

J-Bolts & Template Pier Installation
• The pole is anchored to the pier with 4 hardened zinc plated steel J-bolts. A steel template is included to insure the J-Bolts are set in the concrete perfectly and later will line up with the base of the pole.

Fine Calibration Leveling Nuts
• Eliminates the chance of a crooked or out of plumb pole that are traits of direct-burial pole and flange to flange mounted goal systems. Every Ryval goal pole can be installed to perfect plumb with fine adjustments that can be made with the J-bolt Leveling Nuts.

Goal Weight
• 352 lbs.

Goal Shipping Weight
• 407 lbs.


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Dual Spring Heavy-Duty Break Away Flex Rim w/ProTube™ Net Connector
• Best in its class, superior to box store rims, meets NCAA and NFSHSA specifications. The two calibrated heavy springs are tuned for regulation competitive play and allow the rim to flex under pressure. The rim will instantly spring back to the horizontal playing position when the player releases force on the rim. The rim is secured to the lower main structural arm with a heavy gauge 5mm thick mounting plate. The net securing feature, that is similar to the NBA, is designed for safer rim play, uses a nearly unseeable 16mm diameter Stainless Steel wire thru continuous tube to safely attach the nylon net so that there is nothing for players to catch their fingers on. A classic orange UV resistant durable powder coat finish protects your rim in all-weather conditions.

Regulation Ring
• 5/8" diameter solid steel ring is ready for years of dedicated practice & play.

ProTube™ Net Connector
• Eliminates the classic spiral net ties, a section of the net will never un-loop during play. Uses a nearly invisible continuous stainless steel wire thru tube to attach the net in place, eliminating anything for players to catch fingers on. This style of net attachment system is used in NBA & NCAA.

All-Weather Net
• Designed to last years in all climates.

Rigid Rim Ring
• Welded gussets support the regulation ring 50% of its circumference making it unbendable for any dunk.

Heavy Gauge Steel
• Ryval rims are built for the full force of your game.

Classic Orange
• A baked-on UV resistant durable orange powder coat finish protects your rim from rust.

Innovative Rim Mounting
• The risk of breaking your tempered backboard glass is eliminated with a unique way of mounting the rim directly to the lower main structural arm, which takes all pressure from the rim and transfers it thru the arm to the main structural pole.
• This is accomplished by cutting out the glass where the rim fastens to the lower structural arm eliminating any way for the rim springing back to contact the glass during play.


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Adjustable to As Low As 7.5'
• Younger competitors can work on proper shooting technique at 7.5' rim height.Variable Height, Not Fixed Intervals
• Unlike other brands that will only adjust in 6" intervals Ryval Hoop goals can be adjusted to any height you want, increasing the height as you master them.

Enclosed Actuator
• A fully enclosed actuator mechanism keeps children fingers safe while adjusting the height.

No awning cranks, No broomsticks
• No parts to hunt for in your garage to adjust the height of your goal. Turn the handle right to go up, left to go down.

Removable Handle
• The X660 removable actuator crank handle is secured with a wired pin. Removing the handle would prevent unauthorized height adjustment for younger players during unsupervised play or if you leave for a vacation and want the goal to remain at a fixed height.

Rim Height Indicator Location
• The rim height indicator is on the actuator near eye level for easy viewing to the person adjusting the goal height.

Accurate Rim Height Indicator Installation
• The rim height indicator is the very last step of the basketball goal installation. The height indicator is set after adjusting the rim ring to regulation height of 10 feet above the court surface below.

Accessible Actuator Handle
• Ryval’s rim height adjusting crank handles are mounted to be accessible for the reach of all ages.


Standard Freight Delivery

• Standard curbside residential delivery in lower 48 states.
• Lift Gate service.
• Leaves warehouse in 2 to 3 business days.
• You will receive a tracking number same day your goal leaves warehouse.
• Delivery in 4-10 business days on average.
• Carrier will call and schedule delivery time for the curbside delivery.
• Shipment is fully insured for freight damage.

**Standard curbside residential delivery with lift gate service in the lower 48 states. Standard delivery service does not include Special Delivery Services. Scheduled delivery appointment and adult signature is required. Some Restrictions do apply. Contact us for details and pricing for Special Delivery Services.**


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Good service although I had to contact the delivery people to schedule my date. They showed up and did a great job.
- Brian

The Tree Frog team members that helped us select and install our son's swingset were terrific! The installers were thorough, ensured the swingset was placed properly and took time to answer any questions I had.
- J.B.

Got this for our daughter as a birthday present and she loves it. Quality is outstanding Folks at the Sam Houston location were also very helpful. Considering we had no clue what we really wanted, they were very thorough with options and identifying what fits our family. Strongly recommend getting the installation with it. The guys are really professional. Showed up on time and had great suggestions on placement. I was particularly impressed with concern for safety in the entire discussion.
- O
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