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Basketball Hoop Heavy Duty Rim
Basketball Goal Adjustable Height
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Whether it is indoors or outdoors, when an in-ground pole is not an option, you can get the performance that players demand with the WM60 Wall Mount Basketball Goal. Adjustable from 6’ to 10’, this basketball hoop features a tempered glass backboard with dual-spring break away flex rim. Also, Stainless steel hardware and backboard edge padding are standard features on this basketball hoop. Bring sports to your home and convert your open space to family fun competitive play area and start creating the memories with a Ryval Wall Mount goal. Covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

Included Free

Backboard Edge Padding ($129 Value)
Stainless Steel Hdwr ($100 Value)

$1,599.00 $1,299.00

Due to COVID19, stock is available but limited. Please call your local dealer for shipping and/or delivery & installation scheduling times.


Basketball Goal Backboard Details


Heavy Duty H-Frame Welded Backboard Frame Design

The Ryval Wall Mount Series H-Frame brackets are welded to the backboard boarder frame to create a rigid surface for the tempered glass to create gym-like rebounding play.


3/8" Tempered Glass
Ryval glass backboards will not fog, cloud or scratch, which are characteristics of acrylic backboards. Structurally, the 3/8” tempered glass performs like gym style backboards in rebounding & game play

Basketball Hoop Direct Mount


60" Backboard Size
Ryval 60x36 backboards outperform box store brands and are popular with homes that have one and two & three car driveways with areas that do not have room for a pole. Great for moderate size courts.

Basketball Hoop Direct Mount


23’ of Steel Backboard Frame
The WM60 H-Frame is constructed with 23 feet of 2”x1” powder coated square tube steel to support the tempered glass backboard & flex rim.

Basketball Hoop Direct Mount


2.75" Die Cast Aluminum Frame
The 2.75” wide aluminum frame protects glass edge and adds gym-like styling.


1" Thick Backboard Edge Padding
ALL Ryval backboards come equipped ready to play with factory pre-installed safety backboard edge padding. The pre-installed padding also is added protection for the glass backboard during shipping.

Wall Mount Series Ball Rebound


Gym-Quality Ball Deflection & Rebounding
Gymnasium quality rebound response for a competitive play performance.

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Basketball Hoop Break Away Rim


Triple Spring Competition Grade Break Away Rim w/ProTube™ Net Connector

Best in its class, superior to box store rims, meets NCAA and NFSHSA specifications. The two calibrated heavy springs are tuned for regulation competitive play and allow the rim to flex under pressure. The rim will instantly spring back to the horizontal playing position when the player releases force on the rim. The rim is secured to the lower main structural arm with a heavy gauge 5mm thick mounting plate. The net securing feature, that is similar to the NBA, is designed for safer rim play, uses a nearly unseeable 16mm diameter Stainless Steel wire thru continuous tube to safely attach the nylon net so that there is nothing for players to catch their fingers on.

Basketball Hoop Break Away Rim


Regulation Ring
5/8" diameter solid steel ring is ready for years of dedicated practice & play.


Rigid Rim Ring
Welded gussets support the regulation ring 50% of its circumference making it unbendable for any dunk.


Heavy Gauge Steel
Ryval rims are built for the full force of your game.

Basketball Hoop ProTube on Rim


ProTube™ Net Connector
Eliminates the classic spiral net ties, a section of the net will never un-loop during play. Uses a nearly invisible continuous stainless steel wire thru tube to attach the net in place, eliminating anything for players to catch fingers on. This style of net attachment system is used in NBA & NCAA.


All-Weather Net
Designed to last years in all climates.


Classic Orange

A baked-on UV resistant durable orange powder coat finish protects your rim from rust.

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Basketball Goal Removable Handle


Adjustable to As Low As 6'
Younger competitors can work on proper shooting technique at 5' rim height.


Variable Height, Not Fixed Intervals
Unlike other brands that will only adjust in 6" intervals Ryval Hoop goals can be adjusted to any height you want, increasing the height as you master them.

Basketball Hoop Enclosed Actuator


Enclosed Actuator
A fully enclosed actuator mechanism keeps children fingers safe while adjusting the height.


Removable Handle
The WM60 removable actuator crank handle is secured with a wired pin. Removing the handle would prevent unauthorized height adjustment for younger players during unsupervised play or if you leave for a vacation and want the goal to remain at a fixed height.

Basketball Hoop Height Adjustment


Rim Height Indicator Location
The rim height indicator is on the actuator near eye level for easy viewing to the person adjusting the goal height.


Accurate Rim Height Indicator Installation
The rim height indicator is the very last step of the basketball goal installation. The height indicator is set after adjusting the rim ring to regulation height of 10 feet above the court surface below.


Stainless Steel Hardware
Exceptional resistance to corrosion, higher tensile strength than standard zinc coated hardware & aesthetically appealing.

Basketball Goal Height Adjustment


Goal Weight
267 lbs


Goal Shipping Weight
307 lbs

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Compare Models

BACKBOARD SIZE 60” x 38” 60” x 36”
GLASS THICKNESS 3/8” Tempered Glass 8mm Tempered Glass
BACKBOARD TYPE Standard H Frame Pro Clear/Arena View
OVERHANG 3’ 2.5′
ADJUSTABLE 6’ to 10′ 8′ to 10′
RIM Dual Spring Heavy Duty Flex Rim w/Pro Tube™ Net Connector Medium Duty Flex
RUST PROTECTION Electroplated Zinc
HARDWARE Stainless Steel Quality Zinc Plated
FINISH COATING Premium Powder Coat Paint Black Textured Powder Coat Paint
WEIGHT 267 lbs 263 lbs
WARRANTY Lifetime 5 Year
60” x 38” 60” x 36”
3/8” Tempered Glass 8mm Tempered Glass
Standard H Frame Pro Clear/Arena View
1″ Thick 1″ Thick
3’ 2.5′
6’ to 10′ 8′ to 10′
0 0
Dual Spring Heavy Duty Flex Rim w/Pro Tube™ Net Connector Medium Duty Flex
Electroplated Zinc
Stainless Steel Quality Zinc Plated
Premium Powder Coat Paint Black Textured Powder Coat Paint
267 lbs 263 lbs
Lifetime 5 Year


Free Shipping on Ryval Hoops Basketball Goals

Standard Freight Delivery

  • Standard curbside residential delivery in lower 48 states.
  • Lift Gate service.
  • Leaves warehouse in 2 to 3 business days.
  • You will receive a tracking number same day your goal leaves warehouse.
  • Delivery in 4-10 business days on average.
  • Carrier will call and schedule delivery time for the curbside delivery.
  • Shipment is fully insured for freight damage.


**Standard curbside residential delivery with lift gate service in the lower 48 states. Standard delivery service does not include Special Delivery Services. Scheduled delivery appointment and adult signature is required. Some Restrictions do apply. Contact us for details and pricing for Special Delivery Services.**


Backboard Size 60” x 38” x 3/8″
Backboard Glass Tempered Glass
Backboard Steel Frame 2″ x 1″ steel perimeter frame concealed behind backboard
Backboard Aluminum Trim 2-1/2″ x 1″ aluminum frame provides  unmatched esthetics and protects glass from damage
Rim Mounting Type Through glass using grommets. No pressure on glass
Backboard Padding 1” thick edge padding pre-installed on backboard
Extension Arms
Overhang 3′ from wall to front of backboard
Main Extension Arm 2″ x 1″ x 11 gauge (1/8″) steel thickness.
Upper Extension Arms 2″ x 1″ x 11 gauge (1/8″) steel thickness.
Adjustable Height
Adjustable 6′ to 10′
Crank Handle Height 6 1/2′
Crank Handle Type Removable 90° Crank Handle
FX Lift Assist Cylinders Not Available on this model
Type Dual Spring Heavy Duty Break Away Flex Rim
Net Connection Pro Tube™ Net Connector
Rim Mounting Type Through glass using grommets. No pressure on glass
Rust Guard
Hardware Protection Stainless Steel Hardware
Frame Protection Undercoat Electroplated Zinc
Finish Coating Premium Black Powder Coat
Shipping Service Standard Curbside Delivery
System Weight 267 lbs.
Shipping Weight 307 lbs.
Packaging 3 boxes on 1 pallet
Warranty Type Lifetime Warranty
Dunking & Hanging Not covered under warranty

Jason C was my sales person and took great care of me. He understood my needs and made sure that my order was placed without issue. The install team did an excellent job installing the goal and placing the removed dirt in the appropriate places where my yard needed it. The kids and I love our new goal. Thank you!
Charles Paul
Charles Paul
18:59 08 Jan 21
Wonderful service from Jason C. and the install crew! Quick, easy, and efficient, and the hoop is awesome. Very professional and responsive all around!
19:45 31 Dec 20
My kids love it!
Bobby Conteh
Bobby Conteh
20:01 20 Jul 20
Everything about this basketball hoop exceeds expectations. I bought the Ryval Hoop model C872 and Bryan was a great help in explaining the different hoops. My kids crank the height to their liking and are having fun in the backyard. The Crew that came to install it were so professional and made the work look so easy. Would highly recommend this purchase if you are thinking of bringing the NBA to your front or backyard.
Michel Kabano
Michel Kabano
14:29 22 Jun 20
I met Kimily at the Fort Bend County Fair last year and she took time to explain the different Ryval Hoops products. I was already in the process of shopping around for a basketball hoop and I was SO glad I met Kim! We decided on the C554 & Kimily was very helpful and provided excellent service! When it came time for the goal installation, the two guys were on time, professional and provided great service. I would recommend Tree Frogs to anyone who is looking to purchase and install a sturdy and reliable basketball setup.
18:52 20 Apr 20
High quality construction and installation. Very pleased with the goal and process of purchase. Highly recommend.
Jimmy Miller
Jimmy Miller
15:54 24 Feb 20
We bought a Ryval Hoops C660 and Bryan R made ordering it easy! The crew that came out for the two part installation have us looking like professional hoopsters!
Erik Dinsmore
Erik Dinsmore
20:53 25 Jan 20
WOW... worked with Kimily Edmond and she is so awesome. Helped us get everything we needed and treated us with professionalism and honesty. I would highly recommend this business and Kimily as the "Sales Person of the Year"
Tim Loney
Tim Loney
03:40 09 Jan 20
I bought the Ryval Hoop model C872 online from Tree Frogs in TX. The correspondence and shipping to CA was easy and relatively painless. The crank makes it easy to move the hoop up and down and the 60" backboard looks amazing even with most of our yard still under construction. Brian, the salesman who helped me with my order was fantastic. Great hoop and great company. Highly recommend
Justin Smith
Justin Smith
16:33 29 Jul 19
Jeremy did an awesome job helping me select the perfect basketball goal for my house. Great service and great product.
Russ Tha Great
Russ Tha Great
19:45 07 Mar 19
After having a terrible experience buying from Academy we came to Treefrogs for our in ground basketball goal. We should have done this in the first place. Everything went perfectly from ordering to instal. The instal team were very confident and knowledgeable, on time, polite and friendly! It looks great and I would 100% recommend them! Don’t even look anywhere else!!
Joanne Cole
Joanne Cole
22:47 30 Jan 19
great communication and top quality people. Special thanks to Derrick and the installers, we are very happy
Debbie Roesler
Debbie Roesler
14:51 14 Jan 19
Had a great experience with getting my Ryval hoop installed. David took good care of me on the sales side and the crews that came out were awesome and on time. They even set up my hoop in the rain for us on their scheduled day ... I was expecting them to reschedule. Great quality hoop system.
Jeremy Logsdon
Jeremy Logsdon
21:49 07 Jan 19
Our boys love the new Ryval Hoops that we purchased through Tree Frogs. We would absolutely buy from again!
Aaron England
Aaron England
18:35 14 Dec 18
Hoop is awesome. Great quality. We have a large two stall driveway and went with the 60” which was perfect. Directions should be updated to include more concrete for the anchor. I made the hole to dimensions in the instructions (including belled bottom) and needed about 28 80lb bags.
Ben B
Ben B
12:27 18 Aug 18

Imagine one in your backyard


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