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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Backboards come in many different sizes, from a regulation 72” to the Best Seller 60”, to 54”. A good rule of thumb is to choose a backboard size based on the size of your play area. If you’ve got a home court or a large driveway, go for 72” – 60” backboards. If you’re looking for a goal to put in a one-car drive way, a 54” backboard will fit well. Also keep in mind younger children grow up quickly, so purchase a hoop that your family grows into.
A: The pole is the core of the basketball system that manages the force applied to the goal. A one-piece pole provides greatest performance. Ryval has 4”, 5” and 6” square poles sizes that come in various gauges designed for competitive game play. Most 2 or 3-piece pole systems are not designed for vigorous play or hanging on the rim.
A: The lower the number, the thicker the steel. Thicker steel minimizes vibration.
A: Overhang is the distance from the front of the backboard to the front of the pole. This safe overhang space keeps the pole away from the backboard, allowing players to pass under the backboard without hitting the pole. Regulation overhang is 4 feet.
A: Your Ryval “J” bolt ground anchor assembly will be set in a 48” deep hole that is a 21”x 21” square with 4 pieces of rebar using 12 to 18 bags of cement.
A: Is a safety glass that has a much higher tensile strength than regular glass. If the glass does break, the tempered toughened glass will cause the glass to shatter into small granular fragments instead of sharp shards. Tempered Glass offers the best rebound response available, better than acrylic & polycarbonate backboards. The most commonly encountered tempered glass is that used for side and rear windows in cars & trucks.
A: Ryval Hoops are bolted to 4 very large “J” bolts that are cemented in a 48” concrete pier. You would need to purchase a new “J” bolt ground anchor assembly kit for your new location. After some disassembly you would un-bolt the goal from the threaded J-bolts & move to your new home.
A: Call a local Ryval Hoops showroom or Click Here to find a professional installer from our list.
A: Ryval Hoops usually ships in 2 business days. You will receive tracking information the day it ships.